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2020k - b cover.jpg

01. b (iamamiwhoami Cover)


02. b (instrumental)

03. b (Acapella)

Released June 20, 2020

Vocals, instruments, mix, engineering, and production by RJ Kozain. Field recording assistance by Brandon Sorce. Barks by Ginger. Original song by iamamiwhoami Original song by iamamiwhoami and original lyrics Jonna Lee & Claes Björklund. Mastering by Beltrano. Artwork by RJ Kozain & Brandon Sorce

"b" has been a torch song in times of sorrow, a liberating track during times of realization, and much more. This foundational iamamiwhoami work is delicate, but it is strong. It holds such an intricate, luminous aura that was equally as emotional to dissect as it was to recapture, in this interpretation of the piece. - 2020k

In celebration of 2020k's "b" music video, 2020k is releasing his cover of iamamiwhoami's "b" on Bandcamp for free.

Thank you: Brandon Sorce for your love and assistance with the camera, makeup, and outfit. Brian Crawford for the camera and equipment. Princess Jafar for premiering this video and inspiring me to get off my ass and do this. Everyone from iambountyfan for their support, especially Marco Napolitano. Amber Scoyne-Hiles, Danny Srp, Elly Wasko, and Stacie Deihl for their feedback on the videos. The Dazzle Club, @MartyMoment (instagram), and Adam Harvey for their CV Dazzle inspiration. Ginger for barking.

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