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2020k Burst Mode Front Cover.png

Digital: Bandcamp | Apple Music | Amazon | SpotifyTidal

Standard Physical: CD

01. Burst Mode

02. Infected

03. Heaven

04. Contagion

05. And All You Have Is Yourself

06. Burst Mode (Alexander Aultman Remix)

07. Contagion (Wet Eyes Remix)

Bandcamp Digital Deluxe:

08. Burst Mode (Doors in the Labyrinth Mix)

09. Burst Mode (Wet Eyes Remix)

Thank you: Danny Srp, Noah Chalfant, Jared VanMatre, Dante Diaz, Ross Auger, Christopher Leary, Matthew Spangler, Kyle Smith & everybody at WYEP, Chip Wallace, Lea Steadman, Shanna Logan, Natalie Zigarovich, Troy Jackson, Maury Zavallo, Liz Barentine, Mom, Dad, Jake, the entire family (especially Kim & the Datz family), Andrew, Ashley Weinman, Kristen Bortz, Eldora & Josh Wasko, Stacie Deihl, Coty Campbell, Greg Dinger, Ootlez, Tracy Frank, Elizabeth Wiet, Amber Scoyne-Hiles, Devan Monroe, Thom McClain, CB, Lauren Karell-Allinger, Steve Allinger, Em Evangelista, Jessie Farine, Kayla Troutman, the Skype group, everyone in the PGH music scene who’ve supported this, anyone I missed, and you.

Released September 16, 2016 

Digital Deluxe released as Bandcamp Exclusive December 27, 2019

Digital Deluxe released all streaming on December 3, 2021 via Red Eye Distributon

2016 Copyright 2020k LLC 
Mastering: Christopher Leary 
Photography: Shanna Logan for Shanna Logan Photography 
Art Layout: RJ Kozain 
Label: 2020k LLC 



Electronic Pop artist 2020k releases a deluxe edition of Burst Mode exclusively on Bandcamp on December 27th, 2019. Written, produced, performed, and engineered by 2020k’s sole member RJ Kozain, the release comes on the self-started 2020k LLC imprint. The standard edition of Burst Mode is still available physically on CD and across all streaming platforms.


The record explores how technology has shaped and separated lines of communication. It offers a layered commentary on the evolving nature of relationships. “Heaven” delivers a manic onslaught of unrequited text messages, while its lead single and title track “Burst Mode” intensely zooms in on the plethora of issues the internet has been called out for – from bullying, to over-beautifying selfies, and more.

Burst Mode is mastered by Christopher Leary (Ochre) and includes tracks co-produced by Sparkwood Records recording artist Scyye and underground Electronic musician Kinesthetiac. The LP is currently available in standard digital and CD form and has been re-released as a digital deluxe edition in late December 2019, complete with two title track remixes – one by Pittsburgh, PA’s darkwave musician Doors in the Labyrinth; the other remix by Minneapolis, MN’s Wet Eyes.

A Liz B. directed music video for “Burst Mode” is currently available on YouTube and Vimeo.


2020k is the stage name of RJ Kozain. He is available for press, bookings, interviews, and all professional inquiries via

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