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01. Genie 2.0 (Christina Aguilera Cover)
02. Genie 2.0 (instrumental)

03. Genie 2.0 (Acapella)

Released April 28, 2023
2020k covers fellow Pittsburgh native Christina Aguilera in this electronic pop cover of “Genie 2.0.” This spin combines all iterations of Aguleria’s Genie in a Bottle, including Genio Atrapado, as a nod to the song’s global timelessness and as a means to stand in solidarity with U.S. Spanish speaking immigrants. Speaking on the reason for choosing this particular pop icon, 2020k elaborates “Xtina is also from Pittsburgh and she seems to be irrationally loathed here by some just because she's become a Pop Diva whose image has become synonymous with global culture rather than a hometown hero, but aren't we all Pop Divas? So, between this and the political implications of the cover, there are layers upon layers that I place into the choices and decisions I made with Genie 2.0.”

Originally released as part of HughShow's "Boogie on the Blue Line," a compilation of Pittsburgh musicians covering songs by other Pittsburgh artists. Proceeds from the Hughshows page benefit the Homeless Children's Education Fund, a nonprofit organization established in 1999 to support the educational needs of children experiencing homelessness in Allegheny County. You can buy and support this initiative here.

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